Gabby Szynski ~ May 2014

 Featured Author~ Gabby Szynski


In her own words:


I have been happily married to fiction books since I was able to drag my parents to the annual fairs at my old school. I spent quite awhile in the fantasy world before I discovered my passion for writing. After a long time, I realized that hey, I wanted to create my own world too. I have gone all the way from ice princesses being locked away in frosty mountains to darker depths in fiction. Stephen King is my go to man for any good horror read. Behind all the gore in my writing I can almost act like a regular teenage girl who loves shopping and being with friends. Being with people is what I love do to and I love the energy and excitement. I’m so grateful to have the wonderful support team that is my friends, family, and boyfriend who face my writing antics on an all too normal basis. Hopefully I will hone my skills even further as I grow. Next fall I will be attending Columbia College in Chicago where I’ll pursue a degree in Journalism.


Gabby's work is for young adult audiences.

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