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Casey Marlin ~ January 2014

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 Featured Author~ January 2014

               Casey Marlin





by Casey Marlin


Green is the grass and leaves.

Green is the taste of lime.

Green smells like a color and grass.

Green makes me feel crazy.

Green is the sound of the wind and air.

Green is flies, alligators, and monsters.

Green is paper.

Green is grass.

Green is pencil.

Casey (Acrostic)


Climbs anything

Always ready for work

Super cool

E I think elves are fun

Yay for spiders!

In his own words:


Casey Marlin likes to play video games

and likes pizza. 

He plays basketball and loves to drop kick

the soccerball.

He also likes to imagine things.






The Game

by Casey Marlin


This novel you are about to hear is going to be very awesome. But I think you’ll like it a little or maybe a lot.

            Once a boy named Cobi got a DSI for Christmas. Ever since he got it, he played it and he loved it!

            Well, one time he went to the store to buy the game Mario 64. Meanwhile, when Cobi was playing crazy and very cool game,

the game kept getting blurry! Cobi was worried.

            He was worried sick but all of a sudden Cobi was gone and when his mom came into the living room to tell Cobi that it was time

to turn his game off, Cobi was gone.

            All that she saw was the DSI lying on the living room floor. She went to go and tell Cobi’s dad and when he came to look, he saw

just the same thing as Cobi’s mom did. They were both worried.

            Meanwhile, when Cobi was in the game, he was trying to get out of it and he knew how. He had to get stars. That meant he had

to get eighty stars to get out. And he had only three. So he went into the castle and by dinnertime he already had fifty. He needed eighty to

beat the game and finally, “I got to Bowser and I beat the game!” The game shattered and Cobi got out. His mom and dad were happy and

so was Cobi!


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