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Rose Kavanagh ~ September 2013

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Featured Author~ Rose Kavanagh


In her own words:


Rose Kavanagh enjoys hanging out with friends and sleepovers. She loves animals and has a dog named Zipper. Her hobbies include reading, playing soccer, watching scary movies and writing.




by Rose Kavanagh


Blue moves like water

Blue was born in spring

Blue takes me soaring in the sky

Blue likes twelve o’clock midnight

My color wants relaxation

Calmness is hidden behind it

It is a box of peacefulness

It is a song of sadness

It is the shape of blueberries

Its friends are tears and unhappiness

Blue isn’t anger, lightning, explosions



The Legend of Old Lady Jenson

by Rose Kavanagh


Old Lady Jenson was the meanest teacher to ever walk the schools. Most kids swore she wasn’t human. She had red eyes, long sharp fangs, and claws. Kids studied all night for her class because of the story of Little Tim.

            Now Little Tim was a small boy who never got anything right. One day Jenson got fed up. She took him into the hallway and he never came back. The principal heard about this and fired her. Within 24 hours the principal was gone.

She passed through many other schools and many people disappeared. Then she got a job at a writing camp and finally met her match. Children having fun was just too much. She died in this very classroom and still haunts it at night.


A New Agent

by Rose Kavanagh


            This might seem like a bad situation to you but this is exactly where I wanted to be (kind of). I mean what would you do if your friend…never mind. I’ll tell you later. Anyway, I was innocently taking the brakes out of my teacher’s car when the principal saw me. He asked me to come with him to his office. He started yelling and was about to give me a detention when my friend Natalie burst through the doors, did a flying ninja kick in the principal’s face, and then sat down like this was perfectly normal.

            “I don’t know if I’ve told you this, but I’m a spy for the I.A.O.J,” she said. “The International Agency of Justice.”

            “Yeah, you have definitely not mentioned that,” I said.

            We walked off towards the doors and talked about the principal and his concussion. (Go Natalie!) Then we switched back to spies.

            “We need new recruits,” Natalie told me.

            “Good for you,” I said.

            “We want you!” Natalie exclaimed.

            “That would not work, I’m about as stealthy as a buffalo,” I said.

“I don’t care, come on we are going to be late!”

            We got to the spy agency and it was awesome.

            “Don’t touch anything unless you want to die a painful death,” said Natalie.

            “Natalie’s words of wisdom,” I teased. “Come on, let’s see the boss.”

            The boss was a tall man with a black suit and a toothbrush mustache.

            “So I found us a new agent,” Natalie told him.

            “She needs to go on a mission first,” he said. “The S.S.O.I. has found the time bomb.”

            “It’s her first mission!” Natalie exclaimed.

            “I don’t care, go NOW!” he said.

            “Come on up to the dusty attic in New York,” Natalie said.

            When we got to the attic, a cloud of dust rose off the floor and into our faces. She wasn’t kidding about it being dusty. We walked to the trapdoor and climbed through. We found ten guns pointed at us. They were the agent of S.S.O.I.

            “Don’t move!” shouted a guy.

            Natalie gave me a look that plainly said run. I nodded, and we took off, bullets whizzing by our heads.

To be continued…





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