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Caleb Evans ~ August 2013

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Caleb Evans ~ August 2013





Caleb Evans lives in Granger, Indiana with his sister and brother. He’s a major daredevil who climbs on the edge of his tree house. His favorite food is a Granny Smith apple. He recently just broke his arm by accidentally falling off the top, left edge of his slide. He likes to write comics and short stuff. He’s always wanted to make a movie, and he’s a big fan of Notre Dame football. Go Irish!! Booyah!


Cars from NASCAR

Aeronautics for NASA

Likeable sense of humor

Educated in history

Broke my arm on July 1st, 2013





The Time Machine

By Caleb K. Evans


            Sixty-five million years ago BAHM! there was a giant boom on Earth. Every living creature was wiped out. I saw it in person because, well you know, I have a time machine. My name is Ryan Jetter. Yes, I am the brother of Derrick Jetter. My brother Derrick helped me invent my time machine.

             So now we just took ourselves back in time sixty-five million years ago. Ever since we have had the time machine I have gone back in time. The IMPACT. Now the impact is not a bad thing. It’s just a sad, upsetting, very impactful sort of thing. Maybe something the dinosaurs didn’t want to see, but still. It was the time when they were all wiped out. But still, the wooly mammoth lived on, after the ice age, after the mosaic era. The impact went to this. Instinction.  And now we go further in time. Now we are going back to when no life was on earth.

            Hello, Oh, Hey, Sorry, Bad introduction, anyway, I’m here long time ago, Mozart time, well, you know, anyway, I’m watching his orchestra right now. I’m watching Mozart play the piano , he’s good, but not as good as me because we have better modern teachers. Now as we continue with Mozart, he was born in England right now he is five years old while performing.  Mozart came from a musical family, he begged his dad to take piano lessons. He begged and begged and begged his parents until they finally said yes. Soon they began performing all over Europe. He has composed many songs, like the Magic Flute, one of his famous works of art.  You can buy his CDs today but I don’t really listen to Mozart. He died penniless with debt. The cemetery where he was buried was somehow renovated, stones moved, and his grave was not marked at all, and now it’s a mystery to where they are laid.

He composed to his sister and his father. Don’t know what happened to his mother. She must have stayed home and did cleaning. Now Mozart played the piano, his father played the violin and his sister sang.  If you want more information, text my mom, don’t text me. See you soon, sometime in the portal! I should probably bring Derrick to one of these, he might like it!

            Hello! I’m here at another orchestra. This time it’s Leonard Berstein, I’m listening to one of his famous songs, West Side Story. I don’t know what it’s about but I do like to hear it. I studied this artist in music class. I’ve heard all kinds of his music. Good thing I built that time machine, I would really like to hear this. I wonder if I should have brought my family. We are a family that likes all kinds of composers. 

            Leonard has three children and a wife and a cozy home. I don’t know how much money he has though. Just like Mozart he plays the piano. 

            I’m recording all of this on my iPod even though no one believes I built a time machine.  All the kids in my class didn’t believe in time travel until I showed them a picture of my time machine. What they don’t believe the most is the time I traveled to New Mexico when the asteroid hit the earth. Well I’ve traveled a lot and usually it’s right after school, so mainly all I do is press different dates for different time periods and then I just jump into this portal and it takes me anywhere to the date I typed in. Sometimes I get homesick on my portal travels but I enjoy it. My brother Derrick has been BEGGING me to go on one of my adventures. I let him go to the World Fair in Paris. I haven’t gone to the Chicago one, though. He’s begging me to go because he’s a big fan of the Chicago Cubs. So back to what we were talking about. Leonard Bernstein was not like any other artist. He had a different passion. Now everyone in different time periods have different ideas on how they want to do things. Especially music. Now when it comes to this. Wait, I think I’m getting off track here. Leonard Bernstein, the best thing about his music, he can still be heard on CD.  It is really cool to listen to other artists especially when it’s really old.  I recommend listening to their music. Sorry I brought my brother Derrick and he’s kind of getting bored. If you ever have a passion for music, just stick with it, it doesn’t really matter what your song is, just do it. I bet Leonard Bernstein and Mozart will be very proud if they ever saw you doing the piano. Oh, looks like the concert just ended. The time portal recording does pass the time. Whenever you are with someone or something it really does pass the time, especially with Derrick. I better get going with Derrick, oh no, he fell asleep.  The audience is leaving. Now I just have to think about how to get Derrick up without getting him irritated!

            Hi welcome back, we are here in 1932. Well, can you guess what musician it is today?  Okay, ya ya ya, I’ll just tell you. Did you say John Williams? Then you are correct! He was a conductor, composer and has composed for many major films, Star Wars, ET (my favorite), Harry Potter, and many, many more.


*          *          *

            We are here 1963 during the Civil War time. Welcome to Connersville. Conner moved here and built the first brick home. Others of us have lived here, but we don’t exactly have brick homes. We have built barns, cabins and we have lots of other people around. We have Blacksmith and a farm. Soon this will become Conner Prairie. I have seen Conner Prairie before.  Oops gotta go, some people are noticing I’m here. I better get back to my blacksmithing job. I better go visit my brother Derrick. I think my brother is working as the barber right now.

            Yummm yummm . Is this popcorn good or not?  I can’t quite answer that. Welcome to the World Fair in Paris.  The next one I’ll be going to will be in Chicago. This is our third time period I’ll be visiting today. Well, I hope you enjoy it. There’s plenty of popcorn. As for the cotton candy it’s much better. Well anyway, this place is very fun and very exciting. They are selling food and mini souvenir popcorn bags. Hold on a bit, I’m going to go buy one real quick.

            That popcorn was good. I’m still keeping the bag. Well, we are still here at the World Fair. And soon enough the fair rides are going to open and magic shows will happen. Oh, let’s see if there is one about money –hey a magic show is going to begin now! Well, I’ll see you next time on our next one!  I’m going to Chicago! This time I’m going to bring my brother Derrick. I left him home on accident. Oh well, goodbye!


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