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Leah Hershberg ~ April 2013

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In her own words:


Leah Hershberg was born in Lakewood, New Jersey, moved to Canada, and now lives in South Bend, Indiana. She enjoys writing, reading, baking, and skating.


She lives at home with her parents, sister and three brothers. 



*Out of more than 120 entries from seven different school corporations, Leah took first place in the intermediate division of this year's writing contest.


Leah's story, "The Pearl of Miny Mouse," impressed our judges with its use of strong images to develop setting as an integral component of the story.




"The Pearl of Miny Mouseby Leah Hershberg, 5th grade South Bend Hebrew Day School


    Long ago, deep under the outskirts of London, buried beneath a mountain of brown, dirt houses, lay a small town, a happy town, a town named Miny Mouse. However, on Tuesday the 15th of May in the start of sunset, the small village was not humming with voices. It was silent. No woman stood gossiping in the market square, while picking fresh produce for their families, and the paved streets were empty of the usual sound of children playing ball or jump rope. Not even the pretty roses on Mrs. Missy Mouse’s large front garden swayed in the wind. The Town Hall, however, was buzzing with loud chattering, for the members of the City Council were having an emergency meeting, seriously discussing an important issue. Mayor Michael explained the situation- how the Pearl of Miny Mouse had been blown away in the fierce wind, the wind still swirling around the big, dirt building where the Council members sat. Complete silence roared through the huge, high-ceiling room where all members sat on velvet chairs, as everyone digested the horrifying news. The Pearl of Miny Mouse had disappeared into the human world! The pearl kept them living. Without the pearl every mouse of Miny Mouse would die. A decision was made and …fast. Twenty mice from Miny Mouse would be marching to the frightening human world, to fight for the pearl, to fight for life.

     Merry Mouse couldn’t sleep. She tossed and turned, her stomach so full of excitement that sleep just could not budge in. She had always longed for adventure and the time had come. She had been chosen to go the human world and get the pearl. Even after the members of the Town Council had warned her about the human world her excitement didn’t waver. To go to the Human World?  No problem. Why, Adventure was Merry’s middle name! Thoughts began to cloud in her mind and the small mouse began to doze, her imagination running wild. She fell asleep dreaming about returning to Miny Mouse, the pearl high over her head, like a trophy a player holds up after the winning game. Her whiskers would be trembling excitedly, her tail swinging joyously and everyone cheering and clapping for her. The thoughts bubbled up inside of her as if thousands of glorious butterflies were flapping in her body. She could not wait to become the hero.

     Merry Mouse was stunned, and a little disappointed as, squinting in the bright light, she saw row after row of the most gigantic buildings she had ever seen in her entire life. People walked above her looming taller and taller until all she could see was their black, buckled shoes and high heels. She observed the vast, open sky, then down at the millions of tiny grasses. How would she ever find the pearl here?

     Micky Mouse was exhausted. He had been searching Manny’s market for over two hours, but not once had he caught a glimpse of a white-silver pearl stuck between a juicy tomato, or dripping green lettuce.   Micky sucked on a tiny ice chip he had found in a large ice box, packed full of sodas, as he lay back on the metal weighing scale. It swung back and forth, back and forth whenever he moved creating a steady bing-bing-bing. Suddenly, outside the supermarket dancing beside a dumpy, lady with a long, fur coat and a tall teenager’s black handbag was…. Micky’s sharp eyes noticed and focused on the glimmer of a miniscule object, spinning magically round and round like a globe in the air, twirling until it landed gracefully. But this globe didn’t land. It zoomed on and on, farther and farther away from it’s secure place in Miny Mouse, inside a clear glass box. Micky didn’t waste a second. He jumped up, slid down the shiny pole connecting the scale like a fireman and scampered out the door, running to catch up with the pearl of Miny Mouse and cradle it in his arms. How glorious it would be, to bring home the pearl happily, everyone applauding for him. He would be the hero! He hurried up, and seeing the pearl shining ahead, smiled to the awaited future. However when he glanced at the horizon again, his heart froze. A problem, a huge problem, lay ahead, and this problem was about to spoil Micky’s burst of excitement and happiness.

     Right ahead Micky could see the outlined figure of Merry Mouse, sneaking out behind a clump of green bushes, and her paws were almost closing upon the precious pearl! Micky sped up, panting, his tail flying in circles behind him, as he ran with the wind- faster, faster, faster! He could see each speck of the pearl, the soft, black crack on the side, the milky- white color, and the glimmer reflecting around it….

     Merry and Micky paraded into the center of the town hall, and cheers greeted them warmly like a nice slap on the back as everyone ran to shake hands with  and congratulate Micky, who was smiling broadly and telling anyone who would listen about the human world. Next to him, Merry Mouse was being hugged and kissed as she handed Mayor Michael the small pearl proudly. Both mice had been awaiting this, to be met with a hero’s welcome and with lots of hard work both had received their reward. No one needed to know how hard it had been to reach a compromise.

     The pearl was placed in its clear glass case, locked away tightly with its dusty, brass key. And the town of Miny Mouse, lived on, a normal town and as years passed parents’ worked, children played, babies cried, and the Town Council rarely discussed problems. For most of the people in the town, the story of the lost pearl was just about forgotten; only one monument of the story remained. In the small town library, hidden inside a rusty box, in the storage area, a paper begins to grow old. It once glossy paper crumbles and wilts, although the story still starts the same way: Long ago, deep under the outskirts of London, buried beneath a mountain of dirt, brown houses, lay a small town, a happy town, a town named Miny Mouse….






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