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"An Unusual Punishment"

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Intermediate-- 2nd Place


"An Unusual Punishment" by Dustin Smith,  5th grade Horizon Elementary School


     The crisp morning  air felt great on Josh's bare shoulders as he woke up and pulled on some jeans and an olive green shirt. the dark, abandoned alleyway was the only place he had called home on a long time. As he trudged over to his punching bag, only half awake, he started to think.

     Punch. Josh decided to start thinking about his life. Punch. He started with how much he loved it. NOT AT ALL! Punch. It hadn't started out all that bad. Punch. His parents had only thrown him out of their small apartment the night before his fourth birthday, and it had only been pure luck that he had landed on top of an old, stinky pillow in a smelly, green dumpster. Punch. And that wasn't the best part. Punch. The only man that had bothered to help him had, guess what, been taken away from him by the police. Punch. Man, Josh was starting to hate New York City. Finally, without speaking a word, Josh started his daily routine. 

     First, Josh hid all of his belongings under the large, stinky, green dumpster. One of the first lessons his mentor had taught him was to leave no trace that you lived in the place that you did. Next thing, if you don't have food, steal it. Well, Josh had run out of food the day before, so that left him with one choice...steal it.

     There was one place that Josh liked to steal from when he could...McDonald's. as he approached the back door, he didn't even think about security systems. as he pushed the door open, he didn't think about an alarm. But, being ever so nice, the security system blared. Oh no, he thought, but it was too late to make an escape. The police had arrived.

     "You will have to work for an entire month," announced the police officer. "That is your punishment."

     As Josh grew used to working at the McDonald's, he got to know a young couple, both in their thirties. Every day, during Josh's lunch hour, they came in. He liked them so much that one day, a week before his punishment was over, he accidentally let it slip that he was an orphan, The next day the couple adopted him. Maybe New York City wasn't so bad after all. As the years flew by, Josh was hired to work at the McDonald's that he had worked at before. Josh was satisfied, and he was thankful for the people that had helped him along the way.


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