Intermediate-- 3rd Place


"Camp" by Jace McGowan, 3rd grade Meadow's Edge School


     Once upon a time there was a boy named Harold. It was his first day at Camp Ray Bird. Harold had never been to a camp at all. It was huge, but he was afraid it would be tiny. The food was great, but he thought disgusting. The best part was the beds. They were really comfy. He thought they were hard as a boulder. The first day went by swift like an Indian arrow. The counselors split into groups. He was in Laser Yellow.

     At dusk when Harold and his camp mates Nigeul, Joel, Chance, and Alejandro were getting ready for bed--BOOM! CRASH! BANG!--a thunderstorm hit. Harold and Alejandro could not sleep. They were scared, plus Nigeul, Joel, and Chance were snoring all night. Bernard the counselor was so quiet, they weren't sure if he was even in there.

     The next morning was the same as the first. They ate breakfast and had eggs and cereal. They went to the Buzz but there was something different. Bernard told them to get their bathing suits on. Harold, Joel, and Chance were so excited that Bernard said that they were going to the water slide and then they would go swimming. It was Nigeul and Alejandro's second year so they told them that the water slide was really scary but it was a little pleasurable. Then Harold, Joel, and Chance weren't so excited because they found out that they're going to the beach so they could take a swimming test and go swimming later.

     It was the end of the day and Joel's mom came. Chance's dad came. Nigeul's cousin was there. It was just Harold and Alejandro. Harold's mom came. He asked Bernard if he could show her around when Bernard said, "Yes." Harold was so excited. First they went to the dorm. Harold's mom, Rubeca said it was the cleanest room ever. Next they went to Camp Fire. Harold pitched a leaf in there. The leaf burned up so they knew not to touch it. Then the water slide. It wasn't on, so they left. Last, it's beach time. It was so sandy, Rubeca said, "Don't go on." The sun was shining so when Harold glanced at the water it was almost gland back. Rubeca said, "It is time to go."

     Harold replied, "Okay."

     Harold waved to Bernard and said, "I'll be back!"