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Oliver Kaufhold November 2012

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Featured Author:

Oliver Kaufhold

November 2012



Meet Oliver Kaufhold:


Q: Do you like to illustrate your own writing?

A: Yes, I really like to draw comic books.

Q: What is your favorite activity to do alone?

A: I like to play Plants vs. Zombies.

Q: Who is your most admired person?

A: I admire every person in my family. They are supportive and loving.

Q: How do you get ideas for writing?

A: I just look around, take rests, and doodle

Q: What is your favorite activity to do with friends?

A: I like playing cops with Harrison.



Missing Piece

by Oliver Kaufhold


My mom was helping my brother and I build our new bunk bed. My brother and I were carrying

planks upstairs to our room while my mom started putting it together. When we were almost done

we found that there was a missing piece. We searched all over the house but couldn’t find the piece.

Much later at 2:00 am I crept over to the box. Luckily my mom had left some tools out. I pried open

the box and searched all over when I found a medium sized piece. “This is the piece!” I thought to


I crept quickly over with the piece in my hands to my parents’ room. I said, “Mom! I found the piece!”

But she just rolled over.

Then my dad work up. He was half awake and half asleep. Then I told him, “Dad, I found the piece!”

So he got up and we went to our room and built the rest of it. I was so excited I jumped on the top bunk, the first second it was ready.





Click here to read Oliver's comic



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