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Michelle Kwak~Fall 2012

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Featured Author:

Michelle Kwak

September 2012



Meet Michelle Kwak:


Hi! My name’s Michelle Kwak, I’m a 6th grader going into LaSalle Intermediate Academy. My family heritage is from South Korea, and lots of my friends like the Korean language for

some reason…Anyway, even though I’m not a big fan of reading, I can cooperate with writing.

Ever since I was a little girl, I loved art. I drew anytime I could. While I was a little girl, I

wanted to be an artist when I grew up. It was my childhood dream, but sadly, my parents

didn’t approve. Both of them wanted me to get a successful job to help me survive without

their help. So, I decided to become a scientist. Science always makes me ponder about things

in life. My hope is that when I grow up, I will develop something that will change the world (in a good way).

            I love, love, love noodles! I could eat noodles any day, anytime! Noodles are one of my passions.

            Sometimes my sister annoys me, but she’s my sister sadly. Me and my sister are completely opposite! Basically she’s girly and I’m a tomboy.

            I can forget things very easily, but other people understand.


Gold (15 Sentence Portrait)

by Michelle Kwak


I think sometimes…

Glowing dots of gold come into my room through the open window.

Don’t think I’m crazy, but I think my eyes have witnessed them too.

They’re beautiful, like sundrops fallen from the sky.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one who has seen them, or are there other people who’ve seen them too. My mind goes on and on with curiosity.

Why do they come to me?

Once I’m in my pajamas, I lie down on my bed and wait for them to come.

I wish they would tell me why they come into my bedroom.

Since my dog sleeps in my bedroom, can he see them too?

All I know is that they’re glittery, gleaming, and glowing.

I start sleeping; they enter my room through the open window.

I can’t smell them, but I can definitely see their golden shimmer.

They come and go, like day time and night time.

They’re the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

I will always remember those golden things.



  Victims of Pebble City

by Michelle Kwak


            Screaming, shouting, yelling, fighting, gunshots, drug dealers…

It didn’t always start like this.

            This place was meant for peace and cooperation, but in just one week this place turned into an unsafe, dangerous society. Probably wondering why this place is such a wreck. Pay attention and you’ll see why.

            Pebble City is the name of this mess. As I told you earlier, it only took one week for this to happen. Year after year all of the citizens in Pebble City suffered by the ways of the… “leader.” You can’t even call him a leader. It disgusts me. The only way he got power was from terrorism and crime. The surprising thing is that he came from NOWHERE. Pebble City is (or was) one of the richest cities around the world. The city had high tech security systems that could track down everyone and anyone. We should have seen him coming with the help of our technology, but for some odd reason, there was no sign of him. The way he came in is still a mystery.

            Here are some people who witnessed his arrival:

Monique Chanel.         32 y.o.             3:57 am 8-17-15

            I just came back from work. I work late. Since the loss of my husband and two kids, it’s hard for me to pay off my rent. How did this happen? Car crash. I was walking to my apartment (cause I sold my car for money) until I saw these mysterious men who were dressed in all black. There were three of them. All of them were carrying what seemed to be Tasers. They wore black pants, a black tux, and a ski mask that was black. I was full of fright and felt hopeless. I quietly walked away very slowly until I heard one of them speaking. One of them said, “Hey, when’s the attack gonna start? Has the leader arrived yet?” One other person said, “Tomorrow morning 9 am sharp. We’re gonna tale down the main building. We’re gonna surround the west side of the building at 8:50 am. The jet bombs will arrive at 9. Don’t forget it.”

            Once I heard this, at first I was like, “What?!” Then I immediately ran home as fast as I could. The only thing I heard in my head was, “GET OUT OF HERE!”

After 5 seconds of sprinting they saw me out of the corner of their eyes. “Get her!”

they screamed.

            Now I was like, “Ohhhh crap!” I kept sprinting for my dear life until I started to feel a burning pain in my ribs. I didn’t care. I knew they were still after me. After ten minutes of sprinting, all of a sudden the footsteps behind me stopped. I was relieved. After making sure all three of them were gone, I walked to my apartment, surprised that I was still alive, but at the same time relieved. When I approached my home, all I remember was that I grabbed my keys from my purse, opened the door, then one of the three black covered men Tasered me on my neck.

Chris Gura.                  11 y.o.             8:30 am 8-17-15

            I woke up to gunshots that were loud and noticeable. Don’t worry, I’m used to it. I mean, it’s Pebble City, right? Once I woke up I immediately ran to my bedroom window to see what was going on. Turns out that it was a group of men who looked…suspicious. I mean, they were all standing in my driveway. How creepy is that? All of them were wearing black. Black pants, black tux, black ski masks, etc. There were six of them, all of them carrying Tasers. “Why would they be in our driveway?” I wondered.

           For ten minutes I was carefully observing the six men until one of them spoke to the other five men. “’Kay, at 8:50 am we’ll take the east side of the main building. Then at 9 am, the jets will come and bomb the whole place down.” I kept listening to their conversation. They were talking about tacos…what the heck? I kept listening until I heard one of the men say this: “Gentlemen, we are ready to eliminate the Gura Resistance.”

          “Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, WHAT?!” I said. I went to go wake up my parents when all of a sudden I heard a big BOOM downstairs. I scurried to my parents’ bedroom and said, “Mom, Dad, wake up! People are invading our house!”

           My mom woke up first looking groggy. Then she asked, “What are you talking about??? Another bad dream?”

           “No, Mom. I overheard six men in our driveway saying that they’re about to eliminate us!” I said with terror in my voice.

           My mom immediately shoved my snoring dad. Then the lazy man woke up groggier than my mom. My mom explained to my dad what was currently happening. He made a concentrating face, then started laughing.

          “What’s so funny?” I asked furiously.

          Then my dad said, “You’re so funny, Chris!” My father’s laughing was cut off by loud continuous stomps coming up the stairs. His laughing came to an end. Now he was fearful and terrified. It was written all over his face.

         “Yeah, did I mention that you guys slept over an explosion that happened downstairs?” I asked, feeling prideful that I proved them wrong.

          My parents made unknown glances at each other. After a moment of shock and confusion, my dad broke the silence. “Chris, hide in the closet. Me and your mom will take care of this,” he said with determination.

          I immediately refused to hide. I wanted to know what was going on. “No, I’ll stay out here with you!” I said with bravery.

          “Chris, you will GO INTO THAT CLOSET OR I’LL MAKE YOU!” my dad said with fury. All of a sudden I was shocked. I’ve never seen my dad so feistier than that. I walked over to the closet and went inside. I turned around to make one more glance at my parents, then I closed the closet door. It felt awful to sit there and wait with shamefulness. A couple of minutes passed until the six men arrived in my parents’ bedroom.

         “What are you six doing in our house?” my dad said with madness all over.

         “Please, I think you have a misunderstanding here,” my mother said with all the persuasion she had left inside of her.

         After my parents said everything they had in mind, all I heard was two electric shocks in the room. I bet you know what happened. The six men took both of my parents and left the room feeling no guilt at all. All I thought in my head was, “What do we have to do with them???!!!”

Madison Shal.             21 y.o.             6:55 am  8-17-15

            I just got off the plane with my parents. We originally lived in Annapolis Village, but my family decided to move here for a new opportunity for a better job. We had no idea what was currently happening in Pebble City.

            To be continued…




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