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Wren Moriconi ~ September 2019

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Meet Wren...

My name is Wren Moriconi. I am 13 years old and love writing. I am also passionate about drawing, woodcarving, and archery. I have been writing stories since the second grade, and love sharing my fantastical imagination with others. I love fantasy and sci-fi because you can make your stories whatever you want them to be. From going into battle with magic and dragons, to just taking a walk in your average robot zoo in 207,012. All writing is just a way to express thoughts and emotions about a topic through storytelling and imagination.




Paradise, the color of the jungle.

I remember the forests of Italy.

And how it felt to ride over the tops of the trees.

I can still hear the soft buzz of the lift, slowly moving.

I can still see the giant town turned tiny, so far away.

I miss Italy and everything about it.

Paradise is the color of Italy.






~Wren Moriconi~


Josie’s Enchantment

   Josie became a hairdresser when she found an old abandoned warehouse. She decided that since her dream had always been to become a hairdresser, now is a good a time as any, so she bought the property. She slowly worked, buying equipment, getting the roof redone, but finally, after almost a year of renovations, hard work, and lots of money, she had her business up and running. “Josie’s Hair Parlor Grand Opening” read the headline of the small Oregon town’s newspaper.

   Josie thought she had it all: publicity, money, and her dream job. That is, until everything went up in flames. Literally. One night, as Josie was finishing up her last customer, something happened. She was saying goodbye and putting the money in the cash register when she began to feel feverish. She reached up to touch her forehead, phone in hand, and was surprised to find her phone case melting in her bare hand. 

   Josie watched the burning, melting plastic fall in slow motion onto the hair-covered floor. Quickly, the hair ignited like dead brush struck by lightning. The flames reached up the walls tearing at the wallpaper, sweeping itself over anything flammable. Soon, her pant leg caught on fire, and as Josie was slapping the fire out, she realized something. None of the flames were burning her skin.

   Josie reveled in her exciting discovery before a light fixture fell from the ceiling twenty feet away. She was brought back to the moment and ran out of the building that was going up in flames, her dreams going with it. Soon enough, the firefighters came, trying to stop the blaze of Josie’s former business.

   “Ma’am, ma’am! Are you alright?” asked one of the firefighters. Josie didn’t know what to say. “Everything, it’s, it’s all gone,” was the only thing she managed to muster before passing out. 

    The next day she woke up in a hospital bed, a nurse at her feet. Josie was dressed in a white hospital gown, her charred clothes sitting on a chair next to her bed. “How are you feeling Josie? Does anything hurt?” Asked the nurse. 

   To Josie’s alarm, she felt fine, energized even. “The salon, is there anything left?” she asked the nurse.

   “I need you to tell me what happened last night, do you know what started the-” 

   Josie cut her off “Is there anything left?” she almost yelled at the nurse. 

   “No I’m so sorry, the firefighters did all they could but its all gone.” 

   Josie shot out of bed, hospital gown flapping behind her. She sprinted as fast as she could down the stairs, security guards trailing behind her, and past the front desk and out of the hospital.

   She ran almost all the way to her salon, before feeling that feverish, unnatural feeling, although this time it wasn’t the same. Even after running for almost half a mile she began to feel rejuvenated. Even the cuts and scrapes on her feet began to heal at an unnatural rate. She ignored the feeling and kept running, although it felt like a weight that was never there had been lifted.

She flew down the road, as if being propelled by some unseen force, reaching the salon in a matter of minutes. When she saw it, she fell to her knees, looking up at her broken dreams.

   As she examined the pile of rubble, she noticed a man at the peak of the mountain of ash and stones, stood a man. Josie’s first instinct was to get angry, for he was disrupting her grieving. Then he saw her, and motioned for her to come to him. Josie obeyed, thinking someone might be hurt in the rubble. Once she reached the top, much more easily than she thought she should have, she looked around but the man was nowhere to be seen. She angrily stomped her foot, after being tricked into climbing the rubble for no reason, when the mountain collapsed. Any normal person would have met their end right then and there, but not Josie.

   Josie floated gently out of harm’s way, and touched down on the other side of the rubble, as if she had been a leaf in the breeze. 

   “Hello young mage, I am Seitén, I have come to inform you about your newfound magic powers.” 

   Before Josie could react, her clothes appeared on her body, the gown disappearing from existence. Seitén had appeared in front of her as if by magic, and Josie just froze. She had no idea how much her life was about to change.





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