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Jezel Guerrero ~ September 2018

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Featured AuthorJezel Guerrero









Meet Jezel ...

Jezel Guerrero

A child of Jessica and Luis Guerrero

Who loves her two sisters who are sometimes annoying

Who hates vegetables

Who wants to go to Rhode Island

Who wishes she could meet Imagine Dragons

Who is scared of Daddy Long Legs

Who Dreams of being a famous soccer player

Who is determined to get a book published

Who values bluetooth speaker

Who is proud of teaching her dog to shake a paw

Who attends Soccer MSA

Who lives in a humble home with a proud family



By Jezel Guerrero


Horror struck with struggling, stirring confusion

Unnoticed attention started generations of suicide

Breaking in, smeared violence, horribly obtained in the universe



By Jezel Guerrero



Juicy looking

Addicting, mouth watering

Lettuce and tomato together

The ground meat

Sour cream



Small Bird

By Jezel Guerrero

            The small bird perched on a branch, its chest feathers puffed up proudly. Briefly, it glanced around in both directions. ‘This is my cherry tree!’ the bird thought as a squirrel shuffled around the roots in search of food. The bird looked up to see a drizzle of rain on its beak. In spite of the water, the bird stood defiantly on its branch, protecting its home.


Cockatiel Encounter

By Jezel Guerrero


            The bird flew nervously around the canopy, having the uneasy feeling of being stalked. Pink fluff peaked up above on the cockatiel’s head, and pure white feathers fell away to the ground. She twisted to perch gracefully on a branch to expose elegant light pink feathers under her wings. With a daring swoop, the cockatiel zoomed out into the lurking forest.






~Jezel Guerrero~


Scary Story

By Jezel Guerrero


Cristine climbed slowly up the stairs, careful not to disturb the small child cradled in her arms. She sang softly and carried the baby into his crib. Kissing him on the head, she headed out to bed. She turned on the baby monitor and sank to sleep, not knowing the threats that awaited her. The father, on the other hand, was asleep on the couch, the TV playing On Board.

Suddenly, the wind picked up outside. The house creaked and moaned. The child stirred and, unaware of the madness, Cristine awoke, sighed, and got up to find the problem. She sprinted to the child’s room only to see Thomas’, Cristine’s husband’s, back towards her. ‘Shh,’ he motioned. She stepped away and noticed the TV on. She tread down the stairs.

“Tom?” He was laying there asleep. ‘Then who’s with the baby?’ she asked in her head. She ran like a cheetah to him and screeched in pure agony. The man wasn’t Tom, but her father.

“Time to die,” he said as her baby fell to the ground, a knife to her chest.



By Jezel Guerrero


The camper thrust his hand through the undergrowth, turning up the light on his head in the darkening night. Snap. The camper shot at an animal with his camera and took a quick glance at it - a small cat with its eyes glistening in the moonlight. Continuing on, the man grabbed his water bottle in his bag, then noticed something rustling in front of him.

            “What the crap?” said the man, startled, for a water bottle was floating in midair! Then, the once brave hiker fled into the forest, away from the flying water bottle.





By Jezel Guerrero


Breezy rolled lazily over in her bed, unaware of the floor creaking below her. She sighed, and a frosty puff of air billowed out of her mouth. Breezy shivered. ‘Why did Dad turn up the temperature?’ she thought in utter confusion. Icicles hung from the ceiling, and Breezy scrambled out of bed, chilled as she slipped her feet on the floor and into her slippers. A pang of realization hit her, and she froze in terror. ‘Why are there icicles on the ceiling? It’s supposed to be July!

Breezy forced herself to stay calm and in control. She found herself gazing up at the white sheets on her fall. Then, taking a deep breath, Breezy twisted the frozen door handle and stepped into the hallway. ‘What the crap?’ she thought. Breezy briefly glanced around her once familiar house. Vines and weeds were planted on the ground, looking like they were to trip you; they moved, wrapping themselves around your ankles. Breezy was amazed that the plants could even grow at what seemed to be negative 72 degrees.  Breezy was suddenly blasted by a gust of wind and looked up to see a black-cloaked woman with intense green eyes and brown hair with blonde highlights.

“Mom?” asked Breezy in confusion. “Why are you dressed so depressing, and what is wrong with our house?” Her mother’s worried glance around the hall told Breezy they were surrounded by a dangerous threat.

“To keep away the ghost that wants your blood,” came the reply as Breezy widened her eyes.

“Well, that’s very comforting, Mom. What is all this?”

Mom thrust a cloak into her arms. “I’ll explain on the way. Just put that on, and we need to get out of here, fast and…” Her voice trailed off despairingly. “Your father is dead.” Her solemn gaze trailed to the floor, and Breezy wanted to cry out on the floor and do nothing. But, she just followed her mother without a word down the stairs. She was in awe as she walked. Their living room had turned into a diamond cave. “Okay, first thing’s first,” started her mother, sounding depressed. “I haven’t been completely honest with you lately.”

Breezy turned in her direction.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“Remember those meetings I went to every Saturday morning?” Breezy nodded. “Well, those aren’t work meeting, they’re, well, I’m an agent,” she finished.

“A creepy cloak-lady agent, or what?” Breezy rolled herself into their new diamond couch.

“And, we have powers.” Abruptly, Breezy looked up as flames danced along her mom’s fingertips.


“This is my power. Right now, we find out yours.” She glanced around the room and rested her gaze on a narrow stone jutting out of the floor. Both of them walked toward it. “When I was thirteen, I got my power. Okay, now place your hand right here.” She pointed to the stone. It was half her weight.

Breezy realized that the hand imprint on the stone fit perfectly. Then, there was a blinding flash, and Breezy felt like her eyes went into her ears and her legs and arms shrank into her body. She glanced at her reflection. Breezy shrieked.


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