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Tori Brewer ~ September 2016

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              Featured AuthorTori Brewer

Tori Brewer is 8 years old. She was born at Lackland Air Force Base hospital in Texas. She currently resides in Granger, Indiana with her mom, dad, and 2 older brothers. She also has an adult sister that she adores. Tori is home-schooled--her favorite people on earth are her mom and dad. When Tori isn't writing, she is playing with her friends or playing sports. She enjoys playing soccer, basketball, and swimming. She would like to be a gymnast, play tennis, and a spy. She is a remarkable person with a big heart and big dreams.



The Deathly Hallows: A Found Poem

By Tori Brewer


Grumbling, golden

gleaming dance floor.

Earth, golden-jacketed




The Making of the Superhero Family

By Tori Brewer


A long time ago lived two boys with super powers. Their names are Jackson (aka Blackout) and Max Johnson. Jackson was known as Blackout because of his super power. His super power allowed him to control things with his mind. Blackout is his super name. Max doesn’t have a super name yet; however, he does have a super power. He can turn into animals of his choice.


Blackout and Max had two other siblings. Blackout, 14 years old, was the second oldest. The oldest Johnson kid doesn’t have a super power at this point neither does the other family members.  Max, 3 years old, was the youngest. This is a special family as you will see.


The Johnson children awakened each morning at the same time, 6 a.m., in order to have a healthy breakfast and to get school on time. Each morning for breakfast, they ate the same food, eggs and toast, and then they would say their goodbyes before heading out of the door to wait for their school bus. That is everyone except Max. Max stayed with his babysitter because his mom and dad were scientists and had to go to work. Every family member knew Blackout and Max had super powers. The babysitter had no ideal, though. Max only practiced his super power, turning into an animal of his choice, in his basement with his brother supervising. He needed supervision because Max could only be an animal for 10 minutes at a time. His particular super power had side effects. If he changed into an animal for way too long then Max would turn invisible. Then minutes later he would turn into a small blob of red gack, which is stupid, if you ask people. Because of this, Max always waited until the Johnson children got back home from school before practicing his power because the Johnson children knew how to turn Max back into a human. They did this by gently picking up their baby brother and then putting him on a changing table and then feeding the gack a baby biscuit.


Chapter 2


One late weekend evening in July around 11 p.m. while having a family movie night, suddenly every Johnson family member became special. This is how it all happened.  Dad thought about picking up the t.v. remote and the next thing that happened is it floated to him. Mom, walked into the kitchen to grab a snack and suddenly she was in the air floating like a balloon filled with helium. The oldest kid in the house, Tiffany, got the power of super speed as she sped to the bathroom and back to the living room in 2 seconds flat. The last Johnson kid, Nick, special power was super strength as he lifted up the living room couch with his family sitting on it to grab his action figure that he knocked under the couch by accident. And so Blackout and Max were not the only Johnsons with special powers. In fact, that night they were no longer the Johnsons because they became the Paltrow family. Blackout knew this day would come, but he did not know when. Paltrow was their super hero family name that the family came up with since their lives would forever be changed. Later that evening, Max fell asleep during the movie and woke up crying due to having a bad dream about aliens invading his home. Mom decided to carry him to her bed. They both fell asleep.




Chapter 3


The next morning, the family was in danger. At this time, Blackout is the most experience super hero and so he was the boss of super hero adventures. He thought of himself as the “super boss” as he poked out his chest except he had no one to boss around because his entire family was missing. He woke up as he normally did, but he noticed no one was making noise. He looked around his house and then he looked at his refrigerator to find a note that said “give me $10,000 in $1 bills by 5 p.m. today or you will not see your family”. Blackout was forced to complete his first mission and so he scrambled to find $10,000 in fake money because he had a plan. He got the money and then he went to the spot where he found the bad guys, five highly trained former FBI agents who had been watching his family for many years studying their every move. The bad guys decided to capture the family by using a net. Blackout wasn’t captured because someone had to be available to pay the bad guys the money.  And so Blackout met with the bad guys at the right location and on time. He said to them “I have the money, but first my family”. He tossed the bag full of fake Monopoly money and at the same time they gave him his family. “Run” I said, to my family. I’ll see you at home”. The last one there is a rotten egg”.


Before Blackout left the scene he used his special power to control the poopy minds of the bad guys into believing they were actually good guys. Because they are now good guys Blackout did not need to call the cops and so he went home, too. Guess who made it home first? Tiffany did. Her special power is speed. Blackout got home second, but that was because his sister ran around the park near their home, twice.



Chapter 4


That evening, mom checked the mail. She opened a letter that was addressed Mrs. Paltrow. The letter said, “You are now the boss of the super hero team, but you will have to move to Las Vegas, NV”.





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