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Evan Nayee ~ April 2016

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 Featured AuthorEvan Nayee


Evan Nayee likes reading, writing, drawing, and tinkering with computers and electronics, especially dismantling them. He loves Chicken Tikka Masala with Naan. His favorite books are Maximum Ride and The Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series. His favorite animals are tigers, cats, and dogs. He lives in Granger, IN with his mom, dad, brother, sister, and cat, and he attends Discovery Middle School.  



  Where I’m From

By Evan Nayee


I am from fur and warmth.

I am from water and sand.

I am from circuit boards and copper wires, where my creativity could truly spark.

I am from museums and zoos.

I am from sugar, flour, and chocolate chips, and a hard to satisfy sweet tooth.  

I am from cloud colored pages and shadow dark ink that sketch my words, turning them into a map of wonders while my imagination runs wild.  

I am from wrapping paper, bows and surprises.

I am from kind letters and words on my birthday, that always make me laugh.

I am from happy endings and new beginnings at bedtime.  

I am from laughter and excited greetings, that always end in tearful goodbyes.

I am from watching the squirrels out the window and reading on the porch.  

I am from purring and friendship until the very end​



by Evan Nayee


      I had heard horror stories from the repair team of cracked screens and shorted circuit boards. That was when I had just come off the assembly line. As I worked my way through the social network, I heard stories from pre-owned refurbished iPads

of screen repairs and battery replacements. Then I went to the packaging room.

Finally I was shipped out to the Apple Store in University Park Mall.

I stayed at the mall for 2 months. Then something horrible happened. I was bought!

     I had heard the stories of being owned, and there were few good ones.

Here I went. The employee was carrying me out to the floor to be set up for my owner.

THUMP! My box was being set on the table. Ow! They turned me upside down to cut the plastic wrap that formed an impenetrable shield around my rectangular box. Instantly, I became dizzy. I could be scratched or dropped or worse. There was a burst of white light, and a human was staring down at me. He took me out of my box and pressed my power button. All of the sudden the world's knowledge flooded into my CPU. I woke up and he started personalizing me from my screen saver to my settings. I could feel the tap of his fingers on my touch screen. Suddenly that tapping stopped and a snug red fuzzy blanket like case was swaddling me. It covered my face, and I fell asleep feeling warm and loved. Maybe being owned wouldn't be so bad after all.                      

       When I woke up, I was in a massive house that felt like a mansion compared to my dinky box at the store in the mall. Then someone touched my screen. I was moving and then in a flash I was staring face to face with a cat. Oh the possibilities, I could be licked or worse, eaten. Then something dreadful happened, the cat started walking toward me...


To be continued...



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