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Monica Thomason ~ March 2016

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Featured AuthorMonica Thomason


Monica Thomason is a 12-year-old writer living in Granger, Indiana. She lives with her mom, dad, older brother and twin younger sisters. Monica also enjoys singing with her choir, acting with her Shakespeare group, taking pictures and filming You Tube videos. She loves musicals and is currently writing her own.  Monica likes to write fiction, fantasy and poetry. She is trying to teach her little sisters to write like her. She is super excited to be sharing her writing with other people.  





By Monica Thomason


She wears a dark burgundy coat at a train station in London. No one knows her name. She is young. From the flute case in her hand you can tell she is a musician. She has black glasses. She is wearing jeans, a white t-shirt, and brown business heels. Her brown hair is pulled back with a burgundy hair tie. She has her burgundy coat. Her eyes seem to smile but she is concentrated. Just a woman; a flute player in a burgundy coat walking through Paddington Station at 6:00 pm. She is Burgundy.



Music in my soul

by Monica Thomason


Chapter 1: Meet the Populars


     I groaned and hit the snooze button. Today I started school for the first time. I had been homeschooled all my life but now  I am going to 7th grade at a real school.

     "Harmony time to get up!” my mom shouted from downstairs.

     When I came to my senses I smelled cooking bacon and fried eggs. Before I could sit down, my 4 year old brother Joe leaped out and yelled, “Yay! I start preschool today!” He almost gave me a heart attack.

     “Joe you scared me half to death”!  Joe was my annoying little brother. He always gets all the attention. Ever since he was born it seemed like I was just a lingering shadow and he was the star of the show. Everything is  always about Joe. Joe did this, Joe did that. And I am just the forgotten 13 year old. It drives me crazy. He’s even lucky enough to be able to start school at an actual school. We live in the town of Holden.  The school I'm going to is called Holden Middle School. They call themselves the Holden Hornets.

     I stood in front of the mirror  so I could brush my long black wavy hair. I put on my purple shirt that says "I heart music” on it. Then I put on some white Capri   pants and my purple flats. Then I grabbed my new white backpack with doodle drawings on it. I was ready.


    “Bye sweetie! And remember you are taking the bus home,” my mom said, waving out of the car window. I could see some girls looking and whispering. I sighed. This was a big adventure for me.I have read survival guides to middle school all summer to get ready for this.   I slowly approached the big glass doors. This cannot be that hard right? GULP. Maybe. When I walked in the door the first thought I had was Impossible. I'm not going to last a semester here….much less two. I was astonished at how many people there were.

     I felt a tap on my shoulder…or more like a fingernail stabbing me. I turned around and behind was a group of six girls. All of them had heels or popular shoes,  expensive clothes, and truckloads of makeup and perfume. Good thing it was not cheap perfume but it was still strong and hit me in the face like a wall of scented gas.

     “Hey are you new?” said the girl who tapped me.Then they all drank from their Starbucks cups.

     Hey, maybe they would be my first friends! “Um yeah.I’m Harmony. What is your name?”

     “Well, I am Selena and these are the girls in my posse. The brunette is Chloe, that redhead is Vanassa,the short, blond-haired  girl, that's Aniyah and then we have the twins,  Jenny and Olivia.” Selena had long blonde hair  that reached down her back. She wore a pink shirt that said “love pink” black leggings, Ugg boots and lipstick, eye shadow and lots of perfume. Chloe had brown curly hair that was shoulder length. She wore cropped purple pants and a Starbucks tank top. She wore some white heels too. She had lip gloss and TONS of purple eyeshadow. I looked at Vanessa next. She had wavy red hair. She wore a black tank top that said “you can’t sit with us", some jeans ,white VANS and lots of lip-gloss and black eyeshadow.

     “Hey,” a girl with short blond hair said.That was Aniyah. She wore a white tank top that said “Leave that boy alone” with a denim jacket over it. She paired that with a tight navy pencil skirt and white heels. And lastly the twins. They had short black bobs that were very sleek. Jenny wore a pink t-shirt and a navy polka dot skirt. She had black heels and lots of bracelets. She had pink lipstick, pink eyeshadow and winged eyeliner. Her sister Olivia had a plain white tank top and pink skirt. Her heels were white but her makeup was exactly the same.

     “It’s nice to meet you guys. And you all look great.” They smiled and sipped their  coffee.

     "Oh, and there is Katlyn, don’t forget her," said Chloe, barely looking up from her phone. Everyone groaned and rolled their eyes.

     ”Who is Katelyn?" I asked.

     “She is supposed to be part of the posse but she never dresses right or even shows up!" said Vanessa, then she slurped her iced coffee very loudly.

     “So do you want to be in our group?” said Selena.

     I nodded and she gave me her number so she could tell me what to wear. This year was off to a good start…...or so I thought.


    Chapter 2: Katlyn


     I walked through the halls with the populars. This is awesome my first friends in the school were the coolest girls in the school! Well let me call them “Friends.” So we walked to homeroom when they ran into a redhead named Bernadette. She was wearing a black shirt, yellow skirt with black and yellow striped boots. Selena whispered something to us but I could not hear.

     Chloe walked up to her and said, ”Hey you, over here.”

     Bernadette looked surprised but then happy. She thought we were recruiting her  but I do not think that is what was going to happen.

     “Hey Bernadette bumble bee!” Vanessa yelled with a snicker.

     Bernadette blushed. Aniyah tripped her while the twins made buzzing noises. Selena laughed. “Wow Bernadette. Black and yellow on the first day. Dork move."

     The whole group started to laugh. Bernadette started to cry. Then she ran away. I can’t believe these girls! Is this what they do every day? But if I leave them I would not be popular anymore. So I  stuck around.  We headed our separate ways to meet back at lunch. I walked into homeroom.  

     YES! Free period! 20 minutes of freedom! I sat down at a desk and pulled out my phone. I had a million texts from Mom of course. I responded to them but, then I had nothing to do.  Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder.  I turned around and saw a petite blond-haired girl. She wore a navy shirt paired with a red and navy striped skirt. She wore some navy knee socks and red VANS. Her hair was in two braids.

     “Um, hi,” I said.

     “Hey are you new?” I nodded.

     She stuck her hand. “I’m Kaitlyn.”

     GULP. If Selena saw me right now she would kill me. What should I do? “Hi. I am, uh, Harmony. And um, I actually know a lot about you.” Wow this was so awkward.

     She looked confused. “Selena told me about you.”

     Katlyn looked disgusted. “Ugh, Selena and the populars. I’m sure in  a few weeks you will hate hanging out with them.”

     That is what I thought too but I did not want to ruin my reputation. So I did what Selena would do. "No, I like hanging out with them they are cool. You are just jealous.” Then I flipped my hair and walked away.


Chapter 3: Lunchtime


    I walked into the cafeteria.

     "Harmony over here!” Selena yelled and waved me over.

     I smiled and put my blue plastic tray on the table beside her.

     “So , we saw you talking to Katelyn earlier…...What did she say?”

     “Oh she just said hi but don’t worry I did NOT want to be friends with her. She said you guys are mean but you are not.”

     Chloe laughed. “That is ridiculous we are so nice. Why else would we be popular?”

     Vanessa nodded.

     "She is just jealous,” laughed Aniyah.

     “That’s what I said,” I cried.

     Jenny and Olivia started to laugh. "Kaitlyn is so weird!”

     “I know, right?" said Selena and she sipped her mocha.

     “Did you see what she is wearing today? I mean knee socks and a pencil skirt?” giggled Aniyah.

     “Yeah, she looks like a geek,” I said, just to sound cool. Soon the whole table was laughing.

     “Good one Harmony,” said Chloe.

     Why was I doing this? This is not the normal me. I don’t know I guess I wanted the popular girls to like me.

     “So how has everyone's day been?” asked Jenny.

     Selena groaned. “4 words…. All my teachers suck."
     We all groaned too. Olivia smiled. “Well my day is pretty good so far. I met a super cute guy!”

     Chloe and Vanessa squealed.

     “What is his name?” Aniyah asked.

     “His name is Seth. Oh my gosh, he totally likes me.” She pointed him out to everyone.

     I was not allowed to date quite yet. But I did not want to be out of the group, so I held my tongue. I thought the school year would be scary. And I was beginning to feel like I was right.


    The bus smelled like 3 week old egg salad sandwiches. I did not know anyone on the bus. I could not stand 20 minutes of this. Soon enough the bus pulled up to my stop. I was relieved. I pulled on my backpack and stepped out. FRESH AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAH! that felt sooooooooooo good. I barely even took a step inside before Joe attacked me.

     “Harmony, Harmony, preschool is soo cool we learn colors and counting and shapes and letters and- "

     “Whoa, little guy.Slow down and let Harmony sit down ok?”

     Phew! Saved by Mom. After I had a snack my mom popped the question. "How was school Harmony?”

     “It was good. I made some friends already.”

     “Oh, sweetie, that is great.”

     I put my plate in the sink and headed up to my room. As soon as I got up there I dropped my backpack onto the old carpet and flopped on the bed. Then I grabbed my guitar. My dad named me Harmony for a reason. When I was born he said, "It looks like she has music in her soul.” And he was right. When I was 3 I started singing and for eight years now I have been playing guitar. For the past few months I have been working on an album. I really like it. I strummed a few chords and hummed. I let the music flow through me. All that confusion and worry just let out into a song. Aaaaaah! That felt better than fresh air.

     My beautiful music was interrupted when Mom came in. “Harmony, do you have any homework?”

     I nodded. "Just a What I did this summer essay and a math worksheet.”

      “Ok get to work on that.”

     I sighed and reached for my backpack. I HATE homework.

            To be continued....



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